Restructuring and going separate ways

Jaye Gaskia   Restructuring, Referendum, Self-Rule - these are some of the political lexicons that have gained prominence in recent discourses among political pundits, Social ...


Developing nations and some dangerous cultural practices

Coming from one the countries still grappling with some fundamental challenges of nationhood, placed me at a vantage position to be exposed to certain dangerous ...


2017 Health Budget: Nigerians anticipate the final push from the National Assembly

In November 2016, Nigerian legislators participated in South African Parliament Retreat on Budgeting for health from 28th November to 12th December. Many African countries, the likes ...


National Assembly is a den of corruption

The 1999 Constitution that we are operating today, though partially amended, provides for the establishment of some institutions to set the ground rules and promote accountability. ...


Stemming the tide of jungle justice in Nigeria

Nigeria has become one of the countries of the world where citizens spurn the rule of law and abuse inalienable rights of fellow citizens especially ...


Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: Nigeria's failed promises

I was 7 years old the first time I recognized political fear. My parents and their friends were talking about the government, in our living room, ...


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