The Counsellor

Aiming the silver spoon, the mind game for growing adults

"Someday I am going to live in a house just like that, Someday I am going to own a car just like that." These are ...


The good parents of a wild child (Part 1)

The pride of parents is more pronounced in seeing their child grow into a respectable member of society. The father wants his boy (son) to ...


Our religious leaders and the truth business

The very worth of truth has been diminishing in value in our generation. The things we were used to believing are now changing in their ...


The child of a visionary parent

Edwin Alivionote   The child is a very vital member of the family who has the potential for impacting society. Many parents view the child ...


Managing teenage pregnancy: The postnatal care

The pregnant teenager who has been nursed through the nine months pregnancy and supported to successfully put to birth is a very young and naive ...


Managing teenage pregnancy: parental role at the antenatal stage

Adolescent pregnancy and babies born to adolescents have not dropped even with the increased use of condoms. The precaution required to handle safe sex more ...


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