About Us

Inclusive Press is a media brand for development. We champion creative development journalism. Our orientation is driven by social enterprise. Our motivation is not profit. What drives us is an impact. We are inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and we are using digital journalism to advocate for active implementation of these goals in Nigeria.

Our Mission is to apply the principles of public-interest journalism to drive development and social change through a unique mix of innovative and evidence-based reporting. For us, journalism is not about the views and perspectives of those who are influential and powerful. We search and celebrate all voices in our stories. We tell the individual’s truth while chasing the world’s truth.

Our Content is data and multimedia driven. We combine a wide range of digital tools to create smart and authentic content that engage our audience. We uncover injustice and expose abuse of power. We empower the citizens to take informed decisions and hold their leaders accountable. We arm the public with facts needed to trigger policy change and legislation at all levels of government.

At Inclusive Press, we create honest conversations on development and social change. We have a staff of development journalists who champion authentic news coverage for today’s inquisitive audience.

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